Executive Committee election and referendum 2019

General Information

The election to the 2019 KCGS Executive Committee will take place concurrently with two constitutional referenda.

The ballot will be conducted online, via www.vote.cusu.cam.ac.uk.

The ballot will be open for 48 hours, from 7pm Friday 23 November to 7pm Sunday 25 November.

All KCGS members are eligible to vote. That is: all graduates, postgraduates, mature undergraduates and clinical medics at King's, who have not resigned their membership of KCGS.


Elections information

The elections will be held under Single Transferable Vote rules: voters rank candidates in order of preference, with "1" indiciating first preference, "2" second preference, and so on.

The full list of candidates in the election, and their manifestos, can be found here.

Candidates were permitted and enouraged to submit nominations for multiple positions. To ensure that no candidate can be elected to more than one office, the elections are held one after the other in the order in which the offices appear on the candidates page; any candidate who is returned by an election is consequently removed from consideration in subsequent elections.

In addition to the nominated candidates, the option to "Re-open nominations" (or RON) is also a candidate in every election. If the RON option is returned by any election, a by-election will be held for that office within four weeks, and nominations will therefore be re-opened. This mechanism allows for voters to accept or reject any candidate, whether or not there is an opposing candidate standing.

The elections will only be valid if one-fifth of the KCGS Membership cast a vote in any one of the individual elections.


Referendum information

The Executive Committee has called a referendum to propose the following constitutional amendments.

The first referendum question will be:

Should the constitution be amended to rename the LGTB+ Officer to the LGBTQ+ Officer?

Further information:

The second referendum proposed will be presented as a series of three questions:

Should the constitution be amended to extend the responsibilities of the Academic Affairs Officer to include:

(i) to serve as one of two graduate members on the College Education Committee?

(ii) to organise a series of graduate student seminars over the course of the year, with the aim of providing an opportunity for King's students to share their research in an informal environment to a broad audience?

(iii) equally, to approve both of the amendments (i & ii) to the responsibilities of Academic Affairs Officer?

Further information:

Note, if questions and ii both pass then question iii will be passed automatically. 

You may vote "yes" to approve the amendment, or "no" to reject it.

Note that constitutional amendment is worded so as to be contingent on three things: (1) the passing of the referendum, (2) the approval of the College Council, and (3) the passing of a number of complementary amendments to the Standing Orders. It will not take effect unless and until all three conditions are met.

Having called the referendum, the Executive Committee acts as the "yes" campaign. 

Any member of KCGS is welcome to volunteer to run a "no" campaign, and publish a short manifesto arguing against the adoption of the amendment. None have yet done so.

The referenda will pass if (a) there are at least twice as many "yes" votes as "no" votes and (b) at least 50 members vote "yes"; it will fall otherwise.


Campaign rules

  • All participants in the election and referendum must adhere to the KCGS Code of Conduct for Elections and Referenda (including refraning from using pre-existing email lists). Breaches of the code may result in sanctions, up to and including disqualification.
  • For the purpose of the campaign, use of pre-existing email lists is interpreted to include use of pre-existing social media pages, events, groups etc. However, candidates may if they wish set up a new social media page, event, group etc. solely for the purpose of the election campaign.
  • Candidates are not automatically given a campaign budget, and are strongly discouraged from using their own money to campaign. If more than one candidate in a contested election requests this of the Election Administrator, KCGS may disburse a campaign budget from KCGS funds for that particular election.