Executive Committee


King's College Graduate Society (KCGS) represents the interests and well-being of graduate students at King's College, Cambridge. All current graduate students are members of the Society, as are mature students, those taking certain Part III courses and fourth year undergraduates. The KCGS Executive Committee organises Freshers' Week and a plethora of social events throughout the year. We distribute KCGS funds to concerts, trips, sports clubs and societies. We try to keep you informed about changes and events within and without King's and we promote graduates' perspectives to the College via College Council and the Governing Body and through less formal contacts.”

The KCGS committee organises Freshers' Week and a plethora of social events throughout the year. We distribute KCGS funds to concerts, trips, sports clubs and societies. We try to keep you informed about changes and events within and without King's and we promote graduates' perspectives to the College via College Council and the Governing Body and through less formal contacts. The Committee is elected annually by Society members. Apart from their positions within the committee, many of the committee members also sit on working parties and specific committees (such as the Catering Committee) within college. If you have strong views about something in college, let KCGS know about it or get involved yourself!

If you want to email the whole committee you can do so at kings-grads-committee [at] lists.cam.ac.uk. We'd like to hear from you!

For arranging formal swaps, please contact our Social secretaries at grad.social [at] kings.cam.ac.uk ( ).

College committees: A list of graduate representatives on college committees can be found here.

The Officer Code of Conduct outlines the expected standards of behaviour of KCGS Officers. 

Committee 'perks': The committee has compiled a list of perceived ‘perks’ of their roles on the committee. It can be found here.


Catherine Bevilacqua

grad.president [at] kings.cam.ac.uk

The President is the senior officer of KCGS. I take responsibility for the performance of KCGS and therefore try to coordinate the other committee members to make sure we're working as an effective team. Ultimately, my task is both to represent the interests of King's graduates, and to make sure KCGS is fulfilling its responsibilities to the community. Please feel free to contact me in person or via e-mail.


Ranjani Parthasarathy

grad.secretary [at] kings.cam.ac.uk

As Secretary I act as the principal administrative officer of KCGS. I schedule KCGS meetings, and prepare agendas for them. I also take the minutes of the meetings. Outside of meetings, I handle official communications with members, and co-ordinate the magazine subscriptions of the Society. Finally, I administer KCGS elections. In short, my role is to try to help keep KCGS running smoothly, to allow the other officers to get on with their jobs.

Junior Treasurer

Chris van Hoorn

grad.treasurer [at] kings.cam.ac.uk

The KCGS Junior Treasurer manages the finances and accounts of the society. KCGS's financial arrangements are a result of its position as a charity, a student union, and a member of the College community. There is a good deal of collaboration and joint organisation with the King's undergraduate student union (KCSU).

The College funds KCGS and KCSU on a per-student basis every year. A portion of the total funds allocated to KCGS and KCSU is top-sliced to pay for joint fixed costs; the remainder is divided between the two bodies according to membership numbers. KCGS and KCSU then pool a proportion (currently 40% and 50% respectively) of their net income into the Joint Societies Funding Committee (SFC) fund, which supports college societies and sports teams open to graduates and undergraduates. KCGS's remaining funds, together with any other funds raised by the society, are spent according to the KCGS Budget.

The Junior Treasurer is responsible for much of the administration of the above, including sitting on the SFC, drafting the KCGS Budget, and reimbursing members for expenses incurred on behalf of the society. In addition, they sit on the College's Finance Committee, which decides the budgets for all college departments (including the amount-per-student for KCGS and KCSU). All of these duties are overseen by the Senior Treasurer, a fellow appointed by the College Council to advise KCGS and KCSU on finances.

Joint Rep

Emelyn Rude

grad.jointrep [at] kings.cam.ac.uk

As Joint Rep, I do two different jobs. Within college, I serve as an independent voting member on the College Council (an elected body dealing with the running of the college) and Governing Body (a congregation of all King's fellows, deciding on important college issues), representing King's graduate students.

I also serve as the KCGS external officer, tasked with managing the MCR's interaction with the rest of the university. This involves dealing with a variety of university bodies, including CUSU and the Graduate Union, the meetings of which I attend on behalf of King's graduates. I also work directly with other MCRs and university bodies to deal with various university-wide issues when they arise.


Georgia Cook

grad.chair [at] kings.cam.ac.uk

The Chair has a duty to impartially preside over KCGS and Executive meetings. During a meeting I determine the order of speakers, the duration of speeches and debate, when a vote shall be taken and when proceedings shall end. My aim is to clarify complex matters, steer the discussion, and bring balance to a heated debate. I seek to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to express their ideas, thoughts, and opinions. You are encouraged to come along to KCGS meetings and get involved in graduate affairs. It is more fun than it looks. Promise!

Social Secretaries

Allison Meadows, Janeska De Jonge, Zack Case, Luise Scheidt

grad.social [at] kings.cam.ac.uk

The Social Secretaries are voting members of KCGS responsible for the planning, coordination and execution of official social events for graduate students at Kings College, Cambridge. The Social Secretaries plan events ranging from those as simple as afternoon tea, to formal dinners in Hall. They work with college officers such as the Vice Provost, Senior Tutor, Bursarial Tutor, Lay Dean and Executive Chef to coordinate all aspects of social events, from entertainment and uniquely chosen menus, to the provision of alcohol or other special privileges on College grounds. Amongst the many graduate social events, the Social Secretaries are responsible for facilitating Formal swaps with other colleges. Other social events include: Fresher's Week (welcoming all new Graduates in the fall), weekly "Grad Drinks" in Kings MCR, bops and pub crawls in coordination with other colleges, High Table dinners, and a variety of themed events (such as seasonal celebrations).

Welfare Officer

Monica Kullar

grad.welfare [at] kings.cam.ac.uk

As welfare officer, I am here to offer impartial support and information on what to do next if you encounter any difficulties during your time at King's. These may be related to accommodation problems, safety concerns, stress or depression, work worries, student parenting, sexual health matters, drug and alcohol addiction, or harassment and discrimination.
If you need any advice, support, or representation within college on welfare related issues – or just a friendly ear – then feel free to drop me an email!

Academic Affairs Officer

Conor Bacon

grad.academic [at] kings.cam.ac.uk

As the academic officer, I'll be happy to offer information and support with any questions or problems regarding academic matters. King's is home to diverse and vibrant community, so I'll be looking for ways to foster exchange among King's grad students and fellows. I will provide material about conferences and organise events related to academic issues, such as evenings with the Junior Research Fellows (JRFs), the Research Exchange Evening series and occasional talks. If you have any suggestions and ideas for academic events, please do get in touch!

International Students' Officer

June Park

grad.international [at] kings.cam.ac.uk

The international officer is responsible for creating a comfortable, pleasant and equal community for all graduate students at King’s regardless of nationalities. I endeavor to provide possible support for international students, promote cultural diversity and exchange, and facilitate common development within KCGS. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Domus Officer


grad.domus [at] kings.cam.ac.uk

The Domus officer is the first person of contact to liaise between the graduate student body and College on accommodation matters, for example in negotiating an increase in the volume of graduate accommodation, changes to the rent band system, or communicating the graduate voice on other matters.

At times this entails a close working relationship with the KCGS President who may become involved in the same issues through their role on various other committees that discuss accommodation-related matters. The Domus itself sits on the Buildings & Safety Committee, which meets 4-5 times a year. I mostly deal with the King's Accommodation Officer and the Assistant Tutor, the Senior Tutor and occasionally the First Bursar. As per the above, the Domus can play a somewhat political role in College.

Once a year the Domus assists the Accommodation Officer in coordinating the graduate room ballot, which takes place in May. During this time I make sure graduate students understand the ballot process and I answer any queries grads may have.

Finally, in addition to the above I, in my role as Domus, sit on working parties organised by the College in investigating property development, evaluating the Kitchen Fixed Charge, and on a more fun note, the renovation of the Bar. It's not as time-consuming and boring as it sounds, but a good opportunity to 'accommodate some of grads' most important needs and be involved in the graduate community by serving on KCGS.

Women's Officer

Carly Rodgers

grad.womens [at] kings.cam.ac.uk

My role is to support women & non-binary graduate students at King’s and to promote gender equality in both the College and across the University. Along with the Undergraduate Women’s Officer, I am responsible for organising Women’s Day at King’s in March and I host regular Women’s Welfare Teas, along with the Welfare and LGBT+ Officers. I am also organising talks on women’s issues as well as a consent workshop for incoming students in Michaelmas. I keep students at King’s up to date with any women’s events happening in the University and the city and, in addition, I am working to improve support at the university for students who suffer domestic abuse. If anyone has any concerns or worries or simply wants to chat, please get in touch – I have an extensive tea selection as well as a bearded dragon and a dog for cuddling!

LGBT+ Officer

Christopher Parry

grad.lgbt [at] kings.cam.ac.uk

King's College is widely recognised as the most liberal, progressive and open-minded college, so it's no surprise that we have one of the most vibrant LGBT+ communities in Cambridge. My job is to ensure that this community continues to be active, welcoming and friendly. King's LGBT+ has regular social events including LGBT+ formal swaps with other colleges, an annual dinner and trips to London, as well as relaxed coffee afternoons on Sundays.

Anyone can attend these events; we see the LGBT+ community as an integral part of King's student life. My welfare role is to serve KCGS members with information on relevant events and opportunities, as well as details about LGBT-related talks and groups around Cambridge. Please don't be shy to drop me a line if you have any questions or suggestions—or just for a chat over coffee about anything.

Equality Officer

Siobhan Gormley

grad.equality [at] kings.cam.ac.uk

I endeavour to support all graduate students in any issues to do with equality. I aim to make sure that all students in King's are treated fairly and have equal opportunities. If you have any issues regarding equality in King's, then please contact me and I will do my best to help you out!

Environmental Officer

Feli Pamatat

grad.environmental [at] kings.cam.ac.uk

The Environmental Officers is responsible for making our community as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. This means everything from ensuring the food served in hall is sustainable sources, through making sure there are good recycling facilities, to the efficiency of the college's buildings and facilities. If you have any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions, please get in touch!

Sports and Societies Officer

James Algie

grad.sports [at] kings.cam.ac.uk

My role as Sports and Societies Officer is to ensure you can get involved in sports or other activities in King’s with as little effort (and expense!) as possible. I also sit on the Societies Funding Committee which allocates money to clubs at the start of each year.

Check out the Grad Suite notice board for a list of clubs and societies and information on how to join in. If you have any questions about activities in King’s, or you can’t find what you’re looking for and want to set up a new club, just drop me an email and I’ll do my best to help you out!

Computing Officer

Api Hasthanasombat

grad.computing [at] kings.cam.ac.uk

My aims include maintaining and improving this and other KCGS websites, keeping the grad community informed about computing-related developments, running courses / providing resources to make day-to-day computing tasks easier and helping people on a personal level with computing problems.

I also sit on the College Computing Committee as the Graduate Representative giving voice to graduate concerns and helping ensure that college decisions benefit the graduate community.

Any concerns / thoughts / questions on computing-related matters, feel free to drop me an email or find me in college.