New Blog/News Feature :)

Your computing officer has been working, and brings you this new blog/news feature!

Use it to find out what your beloved KCGS officers are up to :). There's even an RSS feed for this blog that you can add to your RSS reader / email client.  


Hey Alex,

I just tried posting something - and the main point I'd like to make is that the text that appears in the preview was not consistent with how it appears. Also, the preview text was not consistent with how it appeared in the editor. Same goes with how 'upcoming events' information is displayed (I think this is where all the space generated by pressing 'enter' disappeared).

If anything, it makes the page look a bit messy. I can keep on editing and hope that it comes out the way it should be. 

Am :)

your post looks nice. Maybe it's just me being a noob at editing.



They look completely different from the front page / after clicking on the item to be directed to the 'more info' bit. 

Hi Am,

This has to do with the "Text Format" setting when you are editing. As I trust the committee, I have now set it to full html for them by default (as opposed to previously default filtered html which takes out a few bits perhaps over-zealously). Thanks for testing and the comments!

The front page display is intentionally different to the main page, as we want things reasonably compacted on the front page. I'm a little restricted on how I can set this, so for now there may have to be a little checking how things appear (and let me know if you have difficulty), but I may look into making it a bit prettier when I have the time.