KCGS Executive Committee General Election, 2014

Voting took place between mid-day Sunday 30th November and mid-day Tuesday 2nd December

See below for the results of the election.




Please visit the page above to check that you are on the electoral roll. If you are not, and think you ought to be, please e-mail grad.secretary [at] kings.cam.ac.uk

Please note that only full KCGS members are entitled to vote at this election.



President: Lewis Mervin

Junior Treasurer: Stephen Kissler

Joint Rep: Andrew Munro

Chair: Keith Hawkins

Social Secretaries: Ben Dalton, Jens Maluck, Lewis Mervin and Emma Wroth

Welfare Officer: Dan Chiritoiu

                         Greg Reeves

Domus Officer: Andrew Munro

International Students' Officer: Bram van der Velden

Women's Officer: Neha Kinariwalla

LGBT+ Officer: Kittiphat 'Amaretto' Chanthong

Equality Officer: Adriana Massidda

Environmental Officer: Tim Kasoar

Sports and Societies Officer: Matt Folks

Computing Officer: Minsheng Ding


Manifesto statements provided by the candidates can be found here.


The rules and Code of Conduct governing KCGS elections are contained within the KCGS Constitution and Standing Orders, which can be found here.



Results certified by the Returning Officer, Revd Richard Lloyd Morgan

Total ballots cast: 81 (28.3% turnout)

Elected Officers:

President (74 votes):                                   Lewis Mervin (66)

Junior Treasurer (73 votes):                       Stephen Kissler (69)

Joint Rep (73 votes):                                   Andrew Munro (65)

Chair (70 votes):                                          Keith Hawkins (67)

Social Secretaries (75 votes):                      Ben Dalton, Jens Maluck

                                                                     and Emma Wroth (71) [1]

Welfare Officer (70 votes):                          Greg Reeves (49)

Domus Officer (70 votes):                            Vacant [2]

International Students' Officer (69 votes):  Bram van der Velden (66)

Women's Officer (66 votes):                         Neha Kinariwalla (61)

LGBT+ Officer (69 votes):                             Kittiphat 'Amaretto' Chanthong (66)

Equality Officer (73 votes):                           Adriana Massidda (69)

Environmental Officer (70 votes):                Tim Kasoar (68)

Sports and Societies Officer (72 votes):       Matt Folks (64)

Computing Officer (76 votes):                      Minsheng Ding (73)


[1] Lewis Mervin was elected President, and so was ineligible to be elected as Social Secretary (KCGS Standing Orders I.14 and VI.10).

[2] Andrew Munro was elected Joint Rep, and so was ineligible to be elected Domus (KCGS Standing Orders I.14 and VI.10).

Full election results can be viewed on the voting page given at the top of this post.


Congratulations to all the elected candidates!