Important Rules regarding the Computer Rooms

(1) Be quiet when others are working. Computer rooms are primarily an area for work, and the needs of people who are working have priority over the needs of those who are not. Please be considerate to others, avoid having loud and long conversations in the computer rooms (in person or on the phone). If you get into a conversation (or somebody calls your phone) and other people are working in the room, consider relocating to a suitable area -- for example, the grad suite common room, the coffee shop, bar or your favourite court! Be a gentleman / lady, and considerate to others.

(2) Do not eat in the computer rooms. I am serious, don't. There are at least (2+i) reasons for this rule. Firstly, it distracts people who want to work. It might not distract you, but it does distract others; it might smell good to you, but not to others. Even if you're the only person in the room, it still makes things smell of your food, even when you can't smell it yourself. Secondly, the food ends up on and in keyboards and mice, on the desks and on the floor. This happens even if people think they can be maximally careful. If you see someone eating in a computer room, please ask them to relocate, politely reminding them of the rules. No food/drink in computer rooms.

(3) Do not alter the equipment, and do not remove any parts, not even temporarily. Some people intend to "quickly borrow" a keyboard or mouse or network cable -- but this is not acceptable under any circumstances, even if people promise to return them or if they keep the equipment in the same room. If you see someone removing equipment (mouse, keyboards, network cables, anything!) please stop them immediately and contact me. This is super serious. In the past there have even been thefts and attempted thefts (by intruders who looked like grads but were in fact extraterrestrial lifeforms).

Most people at King's are tolerant, respectful and generally wonderful. And of course we want to keep it that way. A kind reminder or a quiet word should settle almost any problem. In the unlikely event that someone insists on breaking the rules believing that the rules do not apply to them, please refer them to me *immediately*.And if somebody attempts to escape with equipment, stop them. If this does not succeed, take a photo of them before they escape. Also, you can contact the porters who should be able to take swift action.

Also, if you spot any extraterrestrial lifeforms, please inform ESA (European Space Agency, idhelp [at] If you have any Computing related issues, please feel free to contact King's Computer Officers (contact details can be found on the Intranet page) or KGCS's Computer Officer (contact details on the committee page).