Should King's retain the bar's gender-neutral toilet signs?

72% (54 votes)
28% (21 votes)
Total votes: 75



Please re-segregate. This has caused considerable anxiety.

Gender neutral bathrooms have contributed to King's community and fostered a welcoming and inclusive environment. So far no complaints have been received, I would strongly recommend keeping the gender-neutral bathrooms

I feel very strongly that the decision to make the bathrooms gender-neutral has been an important move towards a more inclusive King's. Gender-neutral bathrooms are an important part of providing an open and welcoming space for people of all genders. I sincerely hope the review is a simple formality. A reversal of the decision which KCSU worked so hard to win would be regressive and demoralising.  

The gender neutral bathrooms absolutely must stay! Incredibly necessary step in making King's more open and inclusive. In fact, the bathrooms could be made more gender neutral if they were simply marked 'toilet' -- 'cubicles' and 'cubicles and urinals' still maintains a subtle gender divide. Furthermore, gender neutrality should be maintained when college is out of term. As grads who are here year-round, it's absurd to see the signs switch back the moment that the undergraduates leave college. Gender neutral bathrooms benefit all of us, grad students and staff included, and the college should be consistent with its policies/politics. Re-segregation would be a ridiculous and backwards step.

Really important that we keep gender neutral toilets. Re-segregating them would be signal that we were reaffirming a gender binary that many of us would like to see further destabalised. Indeed, the reason that lots of us applied to King's was because of its more progressive stance in terms of gender and sexuality relative to other Cambridge colleges. I think it is important that we continue to discuss and debate these issues and are open to hearing people's diverse views. If we want to retain King's sense of inclusiveness, fostering communication and listening to doubts is important. Saying that, I think once this vote has been made, the students' decision should be respected throughout the year (so the signs remain in the holidays).

I'm proud of King's for having the gender-neutral facilities by the bar. Why should it cause anxiety? The bathrooms in the hostels and the library are all gender neutral and have been for at least 40 years with no problems.