Executive Committee elections 2016


On 26 November 2016, the Returning Officer certified the following official results:

  • President: Maria Iossifidou
  • Secretary: Luise Scheidt
  • Junior Treasurer: Alejandro Rodriguez-Pardo Montblanch
  • Junior Member of Council and Governing Body: Anjalene Whittier
  • Chair: Lewis Mervin
  • Social Secretaries: Alex Hobday, Mojgan Sarabi, Amandeep Singh and Camilla Trevor
  • Welfare Officer: Georgia Cook
  • Academic Affairs Officer: Liz Walsh
  • International Students’ Officer: Hao Zheng
  • Domus Officer: Hans Verschueren
  • Women's Officer: Giulia Torino
  • Environmental Officer: Fritz Hiesmayr
  • Computing Officer: Lera Shumaylova


The full results, including vote counts, can be viewed here.

Congratulations to the winning candidates, and many thanks to all those who participated.