College Committees


grad.president [at] (subject: College%20Council) (KCGS President): Conor Bacon
grad.jointrep [at] (subject: College%20Council) (KCGS Joint Rep): Charlotte Payne
College Committees: 
A summary of all the college committees, their membership and their terms of reference is available to all current students via the King's intranet here. Graduate members of these committees (where applicable) are listed below.
Adornment Committee
Graduate representative: Luise Scheidt (ls696 [at]
Buildings & Safety Committee
grad.domus [at] (subject: Buildings%20%26%20Safety%20Committee) (KCGS Domus Officer): Kerri Butcher
Catering & Entertainment Committees
Graduate representative: Emelyn Rude (grad.treasurer [at]
Chapel Committee
Graduate representative: TBC
Computing & Website Committee
grad.computing [at] (subject: Computing%20%26%20Website%20Committee) (KCGS Computing Officer): Filip Gökstorp
Development Committee
Graduate representative: Emelyn Rude (grad.treasurer [at]
Finance Committee
KCGS Treasurer: Emelyn Rude (grad.treasurer [at]
Gardens Committee
Graduate representative: Keaghan Yaxley (kjy25 [at]
Investment Committee
Graduate representative: vca23 [at] (subject: Investment%20Committee) (Vaska Atta-Darkua)
Library Committee
KCGS LGBT+ Officer: Nina Lutz ( [at]