College Committees


KCGS President: Lewis Mervin (Email:
KCGS Junior Member of Council and Governing Body: Andrew Munro (Email:
College Committees: 
A summary of all the college committees, their membership and their terms of reference is available to all current students via the King's intranet: The termcard for the various College Committees for Michaelmas Term is available here. Graduate members of these committees (where applicable) are listed below.
Adornment Committee
Graduate representative: Julien Domercq
Buildings & Safety Committee
Graduate Domus Officer: Chad Allen (Email:
Catering & Entertainment Committees
Graduate representative: Kittiphat Chanthong
Chapel Committee
Graduate representative: Yuanzhou Gu
Computing & Website Committee
KCGS Computing Officer: Minsheng Ding (Email:
Development Committee
Graduate representative: Ben Abrams
Finance Committee
KCGS President: Stephen Kissler
Gardens Committee
Graduate representative: Maddie Geddes-Barton
Investment Committee
Graduate representative: Vaska Atta-Darkua
Library Committee
Graduate representative: Hugh Williamson